The website has been totally redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Our aim was to make it easier and quicker than ever for you to find the information and support you need to manage, understand and maximise the benefits of your biggest employment benefit after your salary – your Civil Service Pension.

With the new website we are introducing:

  • A completely redesigned look and feel – fully focussed on you, our members
  • Responsive templates that adapt to any screen size
  • New and improved navigation menu and page structure
  • Significantly faster loading speeds
  • A member news area where you can access timely updates about your pension
  • A knowledge centre with access to scheme guides, forms, calculators and other tools
  • Brand-new and refreshed content, with step-by-step guides throughout – like our new guides to claiming your pension and claiming benefits when someone has died
  • …plus lots more to explore!

New hub pages

We’ve created a series of new hub pages too, including some to help you at different stages of your pension journey.

Did you know?

Internet Explorer web browser will be retired by Microsoft in 2022. The new Civil Service Pensions website works best in Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Thanks to our user testing volunteers

We’d like to thank the volunteers from across the Civil Service who gave us their time during our research and development on the website. Their input has helped us structure and organise the website around what matters most to members. This is something we want to continue building as we continue to develop the website – look out for opportunities over the course of this year.

What’s next for the website?

We’ve already redesigned some of our content to ensure its jargon-free, written in plain English and meets accessibility needs. We’re continuing this work now too.

We’re now planning our next phase which will include some updates to the Pension Portal and app, as well as even more new functionality and content on the Civil Service Pensions website that will help you get the information and support you need to manage your pension quickly and easily.

We’re also going to be developing the employer side of the site and we will be asking employers to help us do that.

Website Visual

Would you like to share some feedback?

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Your feedback will help us build on the work we’ve done so far and create an even better online experience. If you can spare a few moments - you can leave some feedback here.