4.1.16 Most rejoiners who return after a break of 6 months but within 5 years will be eligible to join either alpha or partnership.

If, however, a rejoiner had previously qualified for full protection or tapered enrolment in the PCSPS (and has not yet passed their tapered enrolment date) and returns after a break of 6 months or more but less than 5 years, they will usually be eligible to join either nuvos or partnership (see ‘Scheme Eligibility - Public service pension scheme history’ and ‘Scheme Eligibility – The Presence Test’ (paragraphs 4.1.73 to 4.1.83) for further information regarding full protection/tapered enrolment).

However, those who resigned from their previous CSP employment or whose fixed term appointment came to an end, having qualified for a classicclassic plus or premium pension, and who are not yet receiving their pension, will have a choice of premium or partnership. They will not be able to join nuvos.

If a member becomes eligible for alpha (i.e. their tapered enrolment date has passed), they will be moved into that scheme.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021