Staff leaving before the scheme pension age

Staff may leave the Civil Service before their scheme pension age and receive pension and/or compensation payments under the Civil Service Pension (CSP) arrangements.

Staff transferring to another employer who is part of the CSP arrangements

A member transferring between employers who are both covered by the CSP arrangements will remain in the same scheme as long as the break between employments is 28 days or less.

Bulk transfers of staff from your employment

A bulk transfer is an arrangement whereby special transfer terms are negotiated to allow pension scheme members to transfer their pension benefits to their new employer’s pension scheme

Recovering debts from awards

Members of alpha are able to pay an additional contribution to buy an EPA portion of the pension. This portion can be paid (without any early payment reduction) before a member’s Normal Pension Age (NPA).

Suggested form of acknowledgement

Duty of care when processing quotations and awards

You have a duty of care in ensuring that your staff who are members of the CSP arrangements receive accurate quotations of pension benefits.

Forfeiting benefits

In exceptional circumstances, members forfeit their rights to benefits under the CSP arrangements.

Who makes the decision on whether a member has forfeited their benefits?

The Minister for the Civil Service reserves this function.

4 January 2022
Last updated:
13 January 2022