Please note: You must use the Pension Questionnaire and the Joiner Tool. It is an essential tool to help you deliver the correct choice of pension(s) to staff and, because of this, the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office is mandating its use by all employers who participate in the CSP arrangements.

Although from 1 April 2015 most new entrants will only have a choice of joining either alpha or partnership, the choices for rejoiners and those with recent public service pension history are not straightforward. The Pensions Questionnaire and the Joiner Tool will help you identify the correct choices.

4.1.19 The questionnaire and the tool can be found here.

4.1.20 You must ensure that you collect information from your new employee about their previous Civil Service and public service pension scheme history, as this can affect their scheme eligibility. The questionnaire includes a section for your new employee to complete with this information. See ‘Scheme Eligibility - Public service pension scheme history’ and ‘Scheme Eligibility – The Presence Test’ (paragraphs 4.1.73 to 4.1.83) for further information.

4.1.21 Blank

4.1.22 Before issuing the questionnaire, you should put your return address in the space provided to let the appointee know where to return the form. You can input this on the form before you print it off.

4.1.23 You must send the questionnaire with the ‘conditional offer’ letter to the appointee and include the text we have provided in Annex 4B, letter text K. The text asks the appointee to complete and return the questionnaire to you without delay. You must give them sufficient time to complete it and enter an appropriate date for return in the letter.

4.1.24 The tool will tell you:

  • which pension choice(s) a rejoiner has,
  • which Starter Pack to order,
  • which ‘Letter of Appointment’ (LOA) text to use, and
  • Actions once eligibility has been established.
23 December 2021
Last updated:
27 January 2022