4.1.13 Rejoiners who have not taken their pension or received compensation and who have had a break in CSP employment of 28 days or less will usually return to the scheme they were in with their previous CSP employer. However, if the rejoiner was previously a member of the PCSPS the member will be enrolled into alpha if:

  • they qualify for tapered enrolment; and
  • in the break between their CSP employments their tapered enrolment date has passed.

Please see ‘Scheme Eligibility – Public service pension scheme history’ and ‘Scheme Eligibility – The Presence Test’ (paragraphs 4.1.73 to 4.1.83) for further information regarding tapered enrolment.

Members who have received compensation on leaving will have their compensation cancelled on rejoining and their service will be classed as continuous. The member must pay back the full amount of compensation. See ‘Other things you need to know – Rejoiner matters’ (paragraph 4.1.53 onwards) for further information.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021