4.1.66 If a member retires from CSP employment on or after pension age, or leaves on actuarially reduced, lower tier ill health or approved early retirement before pension age, and you subsequently re-employ them after a break of 28 days, they will generally have the choice of alpha or partnership, or nuvos or partnership. This is dependent on the length of the break and whether the member previously qualified for full protection or tapered enrolment in the PCSPS (and has not yet passed their tapered enrolment date) – see Annex 4A for further information.

4.1.67 These arrangements do not apply to those who are re-employed having left on upper tier ill health retirement. See ‘Rejoiners who have an upper-tier ill health pension’ (paragraph 4.1.54) above.

4.1.68 In all cases where a pensioner is re-employed, their PCSPS pension will be abated (reduced or suspended) if their pension plus new annual rate of salary exceeds their pensionable earnings immediately before retiring. alpha pensions are not subject to abatement while in payment. See ‘Your responsibilities when re-employing pensioners and form CSP13’ (section 4.3) for details of the action you need to take.

4.1.69 On final retirement, their pension will be calculated according to the relevant re-employment provisions in their pension scheme.


Please note: partial retirement was introduced on 1 March 2008. Partial retirement has replaced the provisions for re-employment immediately after taking pension, (although formal retirement continues to exist for “Pre-Fresh Start” Prison Officers). See Annex 4G for guidance relating to partial retirement.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
23 December 2021