4.1.73  It is your responsibility to find out if any of your new employees have accrued pension rights in another public service pension scheme.

4.1.74  If a person has service in a previous public service pension scheme it can affect their Civil Service pension rights in four ways:

  • if the individual qualified for tapered enrolment/protection in their previous scheme they may qualify for tapered enrolment in the Civil Service scheme;
  • if the individual qualified for full protection in their former scheme, they may qualify for full protection in the Civil Service scheme; 
  • if they have preserved benefits in the Civil Service scheme and their break between the public service employments is five or less years then the deferred CSP award will be cancelled. This is regardless of the fact that their total break between Civil Service pension employments could exceed five years; 
  • if they have transferred their final salary rights to the Civil Service scheme after a break in service of five or less years then they retain the final salary link for those pension rights. 

4.1.75  You need to find out if an individual has belonged to one of the following public service Pension schemes:

  • Judiciary;
  • Local Government Pension Scheme;
  • Teachers’ Pension Scheme;
  • National Health Service Scheme;
  • Fire and Rescue Workers’ Scheme;
  • Police Forces Scheme; and
  • Armed Forces Scheme.

4.1.76 You need to capture public service pension history since 31 March 2007 for any new joiner, as a qualifying break could not have started before that date. A qualifying break is a break that was under five years and that could make an employee eligible for full protection or tapered protection/enrolment.

4.1.77 New joiners are requested to supply details of their public service pension scheme history on the Pensions Questionnaire. It is employers’ responsibility to use the information to enrol new staff in the right scheme. You must input the information provided on the Pension Questionnaire in the Joiner Tool to ensure you enrol your staff into the correct scheme. The questionnaire and the tool can be found here. Employers need to tell the Scheme Administrator about an individual’s public service pension history so they can calculate benefits using the final salary link where appropriate.

4.1.78  You must have collected this information for your existing staff in service before 1 April 2015.

4.1.79  If someone had full protection or qualified for tapered protection/enrolment in their previous scheme then this may mean they also qualify in the Civil Service scheme. This information was required so that you could make the right decision about whether or not to migrate the individual to the alpha scheme on 1 April 2015.

23 December 2021
Last updated:
27 January 2022