Member contributions

Find out how much members pay as a percentage pensionable earnings towards the cost of each scheme.

Employer contributions

You have to make an employer contribution towards all your employees’ pension arrangements.

Contributions to an outside pension provider

The partnership pension account is an occupational pension scheme under a Master Trust. It is therefore vital that you follow the correct procedures.

Overpayments of partnership and AVCs contributions

If you make a partnership or AVC overpayment to the pension provider, you can recoup the contributions.

Incorrect payments of contributions

If you deduct too many contributions from a member’s salary, this should be treated as an underpayment of salary.

Assumed pay

There are times when a member is treated as still building up reckonable service despite being unpaid.

Change in employee contribution

Those contributing to partnership or making AVCs may ask to change the rate of their investment or stop altogether.

Changing partnership pension providers

Retrospective pay awards

When you make a retrospective pay award that straddles more than one financial year, you must calculate the arrears of employer and member contributions.

Change in added years contributions

From March 2008, members were no longer able to take out new added years contracts.

4 January 2022
Last updated:
13 January 2022