Transfers or loans within the Civil Service

5.6.1 Staff that are transferred or loaned between employers covered by the CSP arrangements remain in the scheme that they were a member of prior to the transfer or loan. This is unless they decide to switch, opt in or opt out. However, due to automatic enrolment legislation, for those who are transferred (but not loaned) who have already opted out, they must be re-enrolled by the receiving employer into the section of the scheme they would have been in if they had not opted out. For more information about automatic enrolment, see section 4.4 - Automatic enrolment. The sending employer must in all cases complete form OGDTF1 at annex 6B.


5.6.5 When a partnership member leaves you, you must tell your payroll provider to give the pension provider the new employer’s details on the last data file they send them.

5.6.6 The previous employer must give the new employer details of the pension provider and contributions the member has paid. The new employer must tell their payroll provider immediately so that the member’s contributions are deducted correctly in the first month they are paid.

Concurrent employment

5.6.7 A member may have two separate employments both covered by the CSP arrangements. Both employments must be treated separately for pension purposes. Each employment builds up pension benefits in their own right. So if a classic member secures a second job covered by the CSP arrangements, they should be treated as if they were a new entrant in that employment. You should send them a new joiner pack giving the usual choices about their pension. The member’s pension arrangements in their first employment remain undisturbed unless they opt to make a change.

4 January 2022
Last updated:
30 September 2022