5.3.8 There are times when a member is treated as still building up reckonable service despite being unpaid. This will apply to members and partnership members who are:

  • seconded to a different employer under an arrangement where they continue to be a member of the CSP arrangements. See section 5.5 ‘Secondment’ for more information;
  • on sick leave on reduced pay, e.g. receiving sick pay at half rate or receiving Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) – it does not apply for members receiving Sick Pay at Pension rate (SPPR) (even if they are also in receipt of SSP) or members receiving no pay;
  • being paid statutory maternity pay after 23 June 1994;
  • receiving other forms of statutory pay, including; adoption pay, ordinary statutory paternity pay, additional statutory paternity pay, statutory paternity pay for adoption;
  • on ordinary maternity leave after 19 October 1994;
  • on ordinary adoption leave;
  • on paternity leave;
  • on unpaid leave for a period which the Scheme Manager, Cabinet Office has agreed can count as reckonable service. For example where the member is allowed time off to undertake public duty such as service as a magistrate;
  • absent from duty because they have been called out or recalled for permanent service in the reserve forces;
  • being paid at a reduced rate because of the abatement rules;
  • voluntarily surrendering pensionable earnings.

You must continue to make ASLC payments either to the Cabinet Office Civil Superannuation Vote or the members partnership pension provider. You do this on the basis of assuming that the member was paid normally during these special circumstances. The employee makes contributions based on the pay received or normally received during the period their special circumstances apply depending on which circumstance applies at the time. Members of partnership can make increased contributions on their return to normal working to make up any shortfall.

Annex 10B (in section 10 of this guide) ‘General description of which elements of remuneration are pensionable’ provides further detail of the assumed pay scenarios and what earnings employee and employer contributions are based on during these times.

Annex 5C shows what contributions are due and what reckons during sick leave, maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity leave and parental leave.

4 January 2022
Last updated:
4 January 2022