5.3.12 From March 2008, members were no longer able to take out new added years contracts. However, members with existing contracts could continue these contracts after this date.

The contribution rates for added years contracts were calculated by the Scheme Administrator at the time the contract was taken out. The percentage rate remains constant until the contract end date (unless there is a change in the number of conditioned hours that the member works). The percentage contribution rises if a member reduces their conditioned hours, and reduces when a member increases their conditioned hours. Part-time members have to pay an increased percentage contribution relative to the level of someone who is full-time. This is because they are buying added years of full-time service.

Where a member has an existing added years contract, you should notify the Scheme Administrator if there is a change to the member’s conditioned hours of service as soon as the change is agreed. This is to ensure that the added years deductions are recalculated as soon as possible.

The Scheme Administrator will then inform you of the revised percentage rate. You must then notify your payroll/payroll provider, and the member, of the revised amount of pay and rate of contributions for added years.

You should provide confirmation of a change to a member’s conditioned hours to the Scheme Administrator by emailing contactcentre@mycsp.co.uk or contactcentre@mycsp.gse.gov.uk

4 January 2022
Last updated:
4 January 2022