5.5.1 Staff that are seconded to an outside employer do not cease to be civil servants.

5.5.2 Before a member begins their secondment, their pension position in their absence must be decided. Subject to the rules on pay and employment, the secondment terms can be negotiated between the borrowing employer, the lending employer and the secondee. You must give the outward secondee a written statement stating the effect their secondment will have on their pension. You will need to base the statement on the terms you agreed with the borrowing employer for the secondment to go ahead.

5.5.3 The information given in Table 3 ‘Outward secondment arrangements for members’ of the CSP arrangements will help you decide these terms. If you wish to offer alternative pension arrangements for members on secondment to those set out in table 3, you must ask the Scheme Manager (Cabinet Office), for permission before the loan begins.

4 January 2022
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4 January 2022