Resignation from the Civil Service

Members who resign with 2 or more years’ qualifying service, or have transferred benefits into the CSP arrangements from a personal pension scheme or other non-occupational pension

Member leaving with less than two years’ service

Paying a preserved award early

Members who joined the CSP arrangements on or before 5 April 2006 can receive their preserved award before reaching pension age under certain circumstances

Enhanced benefits for members who resign

Members of alpha are able to pay an additional contribution to buy an EPA portion of the pension. This portion can be paid (without any early payment reduction) before a member’s Normal Pension Age (NPA).

Table 1 - Standard action for resignation and dismissal for members in classic, classic plus, premium, nuvos and alpha

Scheme Administrator action

The Scheme Administrator will, among other things, give members information their pension scheme

Table 2 - Standard action for resignation and dismissal for partnership

Dismissal on grounds of efficiency

For pension purposes, employees who are dismissed are usually treated as if they had resigned.

4 January 2022
Last updated:
13 January 2022