6.1.1 Staff may leave the Civil Service before their scheme pension age and receive pension and/or compensation payments under the Civil Service Pension (CSP) arrangements. The scheme pension age for classicclassic plus and premium members is usually age 60. For nuvos members the scheme pension age is currently age 65. In alpha, a member’s Normal Pension Age (NPA) is the later of their State Pension Age (SPA) or age 65.

You can find information on how to treat staff who are retiring at or after the scheme pension age in Section 7 – ‘Your responsibilities when staff leave at or after the pension age’.

6.1.2 We explain below the various different categories of early departure. When the member is entitled to receive benefits payable under the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS), you will be responsible for meeting the costs of these benefits.

6.1.3 Staff leave the CSP arrangements before the scheme pension age for one of three main reasons:

  • Resignation or dismissal - See 6.2 (Resignation or dismissal from the Civil Service),
  • Early departure, including ill health retirement - See 6.3 (Early departure and ill health), and
  • Death - See 6.4 (Death of a Civil Servant).

6.1.4 You must inform the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) of any resignations or terminations of employment at the earliest opportunity, particularly on the death of a member.

6.1.5 A member who leaves before the scheme pension age with less than two years’ qualifying service cannot receive pension benefits unless:

  • they have transferred benefits into the CSP arrangements from a personal pension scheme or other non-occupational pension arrangement, or
  • they have previous service within the CSP arrangements which qualified for preserved benefits (see part 4, chapter I, section 71 of the Pensions Act 1993).

Please note: If a member has preserved benefits and their current period of service is in the alpha scheme (providing the break is over five years) there is no link between the two periods. This only applies if they have had no service in a public sector pension scheme during the break. If the member then leaves with less than two years qualifying service, they are not entitled to pension benefits in the alpha scheme. Different rules may apply to a member if they have transferred benefits into the pension scheme.

4 January 2022
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4 January 2022