6.1.6 A member transferring between employers who are both covered by the CSP arrangements will remain in the same scheme as long as the break between employments is 28 days or less. The transfer will be recorded on the member’s pension record via the interface provided by each employer.

6.1.7 It is important that the member’s continuity of service is maintained. As long as the break between employments does not exceed 28 days, the two periods of employment will be treated as continuous for pension and compensation purposes. Any break will be treated as unpaid leave.

6.1.8 Blank.

6.1.9 When you transfer a member to another employer covered by the CSP arrangements, you should complete form OGDTF1 (at Annex 6B) and send it to the member’s new employer to advise them which part of the scheme the member belongs to. The form will also confirm the members’ contribution rates for partnership, if applicable, and details of any added years, AVCs, added pension or EPA they may have. The information enables the new employer to take the correct action.

6.1.10 Blank.

6.1.11 You will need to ensure that you have a contact at the new employer so that you can tie up any loose ends without delay.

4 January 2022
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4 January 2022