6.4.6 If a classicclassic pluspremiumnuvos or alpha member has left your employment and dies before they reach pension age, the Scheme Administrator works out and pays the death benefits. The benefits are based on the member’s award at the time that they left your employment. The Scheme Administrator pays the death benefit lump sum to the nominee or the legal representative, as appropriate. They will also pay any pensions that may be due to surviving dependants.

6.4.7 If you receive any calls regarding a deferred member’s death benefits, you should refer the caller to the Scheme Administrator.

6.4.8 If the member was in either classic or classic plus and not married when they left your employment and remained unmarried until they died, a refund Widow(er)’s Pension Scheme (WPS) contributions may be payable.  It does not form part of the death benefit. The representative of the deceased member must apply for it separately, in writing, to the Scheme Administrator. You must pass any written applications that you receive to the Scheme Administrator.

5 January 2022
Last updated:
5 January 2022