Date posted: 01/07/2012

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  • To note the revised slides and Q&A material for communicating Pension Reform

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This notice is from Cabinet Office, Scheme Management Executive

Civil Service Pensions Reform

  1. The majority of Civil Service unions have now completed consulting their membership on the Proposed Final Agreement on a new pension scheme. On the basis of ballots the Government has concluded that there is sufficient support to proceed with implementation. A letter from Sir Bob Kerslake was circulated via the internal communications network for cascade to all staff.
  2. Attached to this EPN is an updated slide pack to reflect the announcement that the Government has decided to proceed to implementation. The pack has been designed as a tool to support Employers in their communications. It is up to Employers to choose the most appropriate method of communicating the information in the pack to staff. The slide pack has also been sent to HR Directors and Heads of Internal Communications. You should liaise with your internal communications and HR teams on how best to use this information, for example by placing it on an intranet, building into staff presentations or meetings. Also attached to this EPN is updated Q&A.
  3. Employers are free to change the formatting of the slides or the Q&A but any amendments or additions to any of the points of substance should be cleared through Civil Service Workforce Reform. Contact Sally Rowles:


EPNs 318, 322, 325, 328 and 330


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1 July 2012
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24 April 2023