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Actions for employers

  1. To read the page about the new website for employers
  2. To take part in the employer survey on the above page
  3. To help us promote the launch of the new website to members




Following on from EPN646, on 31 January 2022 we successfully launched the brand-new Civil Service Pensions website.

Read the page about the new website for employers and take part in the survey

We have prepared some content for employers that:

  • Details the changes we have made to the website
  • Asks for employer feedback via a survey
  • Asks for employers to volunteer to get involved in shaping the Employer Hub in the next phase of the website’s development  

We’re asking employers to look at this content and take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Help us promote the website launch to members

We have produced a page for members about the new website which invites them to share their views via a feedback survey. This survey results will be used to baseline member feedback and help drive further improvements to the website over the coming months.

We’re asking for your support with sharing this among members in your organisation to give us a broad cross-section of views from the active scheme membership.

To help you with that, we have written a short article to share in your internal newsletters and intranets with an image and a link back to the web page to help you promote the new website to your members.

You can find the article and image in the Annex below.

Thanks to our user testing volunteers

We’d like to thank the employers who helped us source volunteers from across the Civil Service to take part in our research and development for the website. This was an invaluable part of the development process – thank you for your continued support.


  • Heading option A: Have you seen the new Civil Service Pensions website? 
  • Heading option B: New Civil Service Pensions website is now live 
  • Heading option C: Help & support with your pension: New Civil Service Pensions website goes live 
  • Heading option D: Civil Service Pensions launches new website – share your views 


On 31 January, Civil Service Pensions launched a brand-new website for members.  

Their aim was to make it easier and quicker than ever for you to find the information and support your need to manage, understand and maximise the benefits of your Civil Service Pension, which is our biggest employment benefit after our salaries. 

Civil Service Pensions has also published a member news article all about the new features and functionality of the new website and are giving you the opportunity to share your feedback via a short survey on that page. Visit that page here. 

Did you know?

Internet Explorer web browser will be retired by Microsoft later this year. The new Civil Service Pensions website has been designed to work best in Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

24 February 2022
Last updated:
24 April 2023