Annual Benefit Statement

Statements will be posted to the majority of eligible members between 22 June and 31 August 2020. You can also view your statement on the Pension Portal.

If your employer has bespoke distribution arrangements, you’ll receive an email in relation to this, to explain how to access your ABS this year. 

We have created a distribution schedule, which will give you an estimate of when you should receive your statement, depending on the employer you work for. If the distribution schedule indicates that your ABS should have been sent by now and you haven’t received this, please don’t panic. Occasionally it’s necessary to complete additional quality assurance checks to make sure that you receive accurate information on your statement. If you’re an eligible member (and your employer doesn’t have a bespoke distribution agreement in place), your ABS will be posted to your home address no later than 31 August 2020.

Understanding your statement

We’ve included a colour-coded ‘Important notes’ section in your statement to help you understand it.

The Understanding your ABS video and Frequently asked questions can also help you understand more about your statement.

For queries relating to your personal details (for example date of birth, National Insurance number, home or work address) you should contact your HR department or Shared Service provider.

If you have questions regarding your pension scheme information (for example your employment history, reckonable service, the date you joined, transfer in history, extra benefits), please contact us using this link.

Your Annual Benefit Statement is an estimate

Annual Benefit Statements are an estimate of your benefits earned to date, based on the information provided by your employer.

When you come to claim pension benefits, you can expect to receive a full and accurate quotation, so you shouldn’t enter into financial commitments based on the figures in your statement.

Updating your address

If you’ve recently changed address or do so in the future, you can update it using the Pension Portal. We also recommend that you update your address with your employer.

Updating your death benefit nomination

You can add or amend your death benefit nomination in the Pension Portal or by completing a death benefit nomination form. You can download the form from the Member Forms page.

Request a statement

Please allow up to five working days after 31 August 2020. If you still haven't received your statement, you can view your statement in the Pension Portal or contact us to request another one.