Your pension is made up of monthly payments for life and the option of a tax-free lump sum if applicable. Any Added Pension or years that you have bought will also be paid with your pension when you retire.

Still working for the Civil Service?

If you’re still working for the Civil Service and want to claim your pension, or are planning your retirement in the future, log into the Pension Portal to see how much pension and lump sum you might receive and what options are available to you.

Left the Civil Service and have an unclaimed pension?

If you have left the Civil Service and have an unclaimed pension, or you can’t access the portal, use our pension calculators to estimate the options available to you. You can find out more about how your pension is calculated in the scheme guides.

Step by step guide to claiming your pension

Use the Pension Portal or other pension calculators to get an estimate of your pension amount and options.

4 months before your planned retirement date. If you’re still working for the Civil Service - talk to your employer about your plans to retire and arrange a planned retirement date. Your employer will then request a retirement quote from us.

If you have left the Civil Service and have an unclaimed pension – complete the Online Change of details and Retirement Form – Deferred members.

We’ll check your records and calculate your pension amount. We may need to contact you or your employer for more information.

Around 2 months before your planned retirement date we’ll send you a quote of your pension amount, an option form and personal details form.

For those members impacted by 2015 Remedy (McCloud), it will also include a choice about how you would like part of your benefits to be calculated.

You should complete and return your forms to us as soon as possible.

If we receive your completed forms at least 1 month before your planned retirement date, any lump sum due should be paid shortly after you retire, into the bank account you provided in your form.

You’ll receive your first pension payment a month after your retirement date. This is paid monthly, in arrears. If we receive your option form less than 1 month before your planned retirement date, it may result in a delay.

Are you affected by the 2015 Remedy (McCloud)?

Over 400,000 current and former Civil Servants are affected by the 2015 Remedy. Are you one of them?

Use the 2015 Remedy 'Am I Affected?' tool to find out now.

7 December 2021
Last updated:
17 April 2024