Pension Modeller

Use the pension modeller to estimate your pension. Get access via the Pension Portal

Pension calculators and estimators

Retirement modeller

If you can't use the Pension Portal, use the Retirement Modeller to estimate your pension. You'll need your latest Annual Benefit Statement (ABS). You can also watch a useful video demonstration of how to use the modeller.

Early retirement calculator

Estimate how much you may receive if you claim your pension before your pension age.

EPA estimator

By paying extra contributions in EPA, you can claim your pension earlier without an early payment reduction

Partial Retirement Calculator

Estimate how much your pension might be reduced if you take partial retirement

Lump Sum Calculator

Work out what amount of pension you can take in the form of a tax-free lump sum.

Early Retirement Buy-Out Calculator

If you claim your pension early, your pension is reduced to pay for this early payment.

You can buy out this reduction and take full pension benefits.

Voluntary exit calculator

Estimate how much you may be entitled to if you take voluntary exit 

Compulsory or voluntary redundancy calculator

Estimate how much you may be entitled to if you leave through compulsory or voluntary redundancy 

Take control of your retirement by building up more pension.

alpha Added Pension calculator

classic Added Pension calculator

classic plus & premium Added Pension calculator

nuvos Added Pension calculator

9 December 2021
Last updated:
30 June 2022