Temporary changes to forms and supporting documents due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From 20 April 2020:

  • You have the option to return certain forms and any supporting documentation to us by email
  • We no longer require your signature or a witnesses’ signature

Please note:

  • You MUST provide consent in the body of your email for us to process your form, for example, 'I consent to you processing my form'
  • If you’re employed in the Civil Service and use your gov.uk email address to send us the information above, you don’t need to provide a form of ID
  • If you are not sending from a gov.uk email, you MUST provide a scanned copy or photograph of two forms of ID plus proof of your address. A full list of acceptable documents can be found here
  • Utility bills must be less than three months old and must not be a mobile phone bill
  • Please ensure that scanned copies or photographs of forms and documents are clear and can be easily read
  • We cannot accept links to documents stored in cloud services such as Onedrive or iCloud

We are committed to managing your personal information in line with the Data Protection Legislation. Find more information in our Privacy Policy.


Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) application form

Added Pension application form (return by email)

Annual Allowance - Scheme Pays quote request (return by email)

Change of Details form - pensioners

Change of Details and Retirement form - deferred members

Contribution Change Request form - partnership/Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme (CSAVCS)

Death Benefit Nomination form (return by email)

Death Benefit Nomination form - Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme (CSAVCS) members only

Death Benefit Revocation form

Dependant Pension Claim form (return by email)

Death benefit claim Form - one-off payments (return by email)

EPA option application form

EPA/EEPA option cancellation form

Leaving employment under voluntary exit terms form

Opt Out form

Opt in form

Overseas Payment Mandates

Partial Retirement Application (CSP15) form (return by email)

Partner details form

Partnership Pension Account application form

Pension Switching form

Scheme pays request form

Transfer in provisional application request

20 December 2021
Last updated:
20 July 2022