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Claim your pension

If you are planning retirement, visit the Planning retirement page to see your options and find out how the process works.

You can use the Retirement Modeller to get an estimate of how much your pension will be worth when you retire. You will need the figures from your Benefit Statement to use the Modeller.

If you want to claim your pension, please complete the Online Change of Details and Retirement Form – Deferred Members at least 4 months before your planned retirement date.

Finding your unclaimed pension

If you have worked for the Civil Service, you may be entitled to a Civil Service pension. Follow the steps below to trace your pension.

Find out more on the Finding your unclaimed pension page

Request a Benefit Statement

When you left, you should have received a statement of your pension benefits.

If you have an unclaimed pension and want to know how much it is worth, you can contact us to request a Benefit Statement.

Yearly increase to your pension

Your pension will have yearly cost of living increases, known as Pension Increases, added. This will be added to your pension if you are aged 55 or over when you claim your pension.

Read the Yearly Pensions Increase page or your scheme guide for more information.

Change your details or get in touch

If you want to change your:

  • name
  • address or;
  • marital status

Use the Online Change of Details and Retirement Form – Deferred Members.

Find out more on the Changing personal details page.

To update your death benefit nomination, use the death benefit nomination form.

To change your bank details, contact us.

If you have any questions about your pension, contact us.

6 December 2021
Last updated:
18 October 2023