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Note: Where we have had to use technical terms, we show them in bold and explain them below.

This guide contains useful details about nuvosnuvos  is one of the pension schemes in the Civil Service pension arrangements. 

The arrangements cover all civil servants and certain groups of non-civil servants, subject to eligibility.

nuvos was closed to new entrants from 1 April 2015. After 31 March 2015, with the introduction of alpha, no person is in or is eligible to be in pensionable service under nuvos unless the person is a protected member. This is because all other members would have transitioned into the alpha scheme from 1 April 2015.

A protected member means a full protection member, a tapered protection member or an ill-health protection member.

If you have transitioned into alpha and you want to find out more about how this affects your pension, you should read the alpha scheme guide found here: https://www.civilservicepensionscheme.org.uk/members/alpha-guide/


nuvos is an occupational defined benefit pension scheme. It provides a way of saving...

What does nuvos cost?

In nuvos You will pay a variable contribution rate dependent upon your pensionable...

What benefits will I get?

The pension age for most members of nuvos is 65.

See how your circumstances will affect your pension.

Working later in life

If you draw your pension later than age 65 see how nuvos will change for you

Boosting your pension

Explore the options of how you can increase your nuvos pension

Transferring in other pensions

Learn how you can bring in existing pension schemes into your nuvos pension.

Benefits for your dependants

Declare dependants, nominees and learn how your partner can benefit via your nuvos pension.

Leaving before pension age

This section covers resignation to not being able to return to work due to ill-health, and the options nuvos gives you in the event of any of these circumstances happening.

Other information

Some of the FAQs that you might have about the nuvos scheme.

Finding out more

Explore the routes to get further information about the nuvos pension scheme

15 December 2021
Last updated:
20 May 2022