Where we have had to use technical terms, we show them in bold and explain them at the back of the guide.

The guide does not cover every aspect of classic plus. The full details are contained only in the rules which are the legal basis of the scheme. Nothing in this guide can override the rules and, in the event of any difference, the rules will apply. You should bear in mind that the guide is based on the rules in force at the time of publication; your pension and associated benefits will be worked out using rules that are relevant to your period of service.

Your pension, together with your pay, forms part of your total benefits package. This is your guide to the range of benefits to which you may be entitled as a member of classic plus.

classic plus is one of the pension schemes in the Civil Service pension (CSP) arrangements.

The arrangements cover all civil servants and certain groups of non-civil servants, subject to eligibility. For ease of reference, we use the term ‘civil servant’ in this booklet.

After 31 March 2015, with the introduction of the new scheme alpha, no person is in or is eligible to be in pensionable service under classic plus unless the person is a protected member. This is because all other members would have transitioned into the alpha scheme from 1 April 2015.

A protected member means either a full protection member or a tapered protection member.

If you have transitioned into alpha and you want to find out more about how this affects your pension, you should read the alpha scheme guide.



Up to 30 September 2002, the only pension offered to Civil Servants was the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme (PCSPS).

Paying for your benefits

Up to and including 30 September 2002, you would have contributed 1.5% of your pay towards...

Boosting your pension

Added pension is an additional pension that you can choose to buy. It increases in line with...

Leaving early

If you leave voluntarily or opt out of classic plus before you retire, you have a choice of options.

Retiring on or after scheme pension age

Partial retirement allows you, with the agreement of your employer, to...

Getting your pension

You will receive an annual pension and a one-off lump sum. Your lump sum will be paid direct to your...

Choices on retirement

You will be able to choose to give up part of your pension for an additional lump sum.

Death Benefits

A lump sum is payable to the person(s) or organisation you have nominated when you die depending on...

Other Information

If you have any concerns you should raise them with the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP). If you are dissatisfied with...

Finding out more

The Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) holds your classic plus pension details and can, therefore...

15 December 2021
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9 February 2022