If you have worked for the Civil Service, you may be entitled to a Civil Service pension. We may not however, have a record of your pension if:

  • you worked for an employer outside of the Civil Service
  • you do not qualify for a Civil Service pension
  • your former employer has not sent us your pension details

Follow the steps to trace your pension.

Confirm your pension was with the Civil Service

If you have a pension statement, payslip or evidence from HMRC showing you were a member of a Civil Service pension scheme, jump to step 3.

If you worked for another employer outside of the Civil Service, for example:

  • Post Office
  • Police
  • Social Services
  • Local Authority
  • NHS

you should contact the administrator of your former employer's pension scheme. You can use the free online pension tracing service to find their contact details.

30 November 2021
Last updated:
17 July 2024