After 45 years working in HMRC, Gerald had big plans for his retirement. But those plans were turned upside down, when health issues rendered him too ill to work.  

In this episode, Gerald talks to Rob and Emily about his experience of having to leave work through the Ill Health Retirement route, earlier than he had planned.  

Navigating retirement with an invisible illness brought a unique set of challenges for Gerald. One of the toughest decisions was to leave behind the attachment he had to his career in the ‘Tax Office’, such as his reference books and professional registrations.  

In time, things got easier and he was able to focus on something he’s always enjoyed – literature. After trying his hand at writing historical crime fiction (the kind of books he’d always reached for), he landed a publishing deal, three months of completing his first book.  

He’s now in the process of writing the fifth book in his series, and shares his perspective on this new line of work in retirement.  

Listen to this episode using the embedded player on this page, or by searching 'Civil Service Pensions Podcast', wherever you get your podcasts. 

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22 August 2023
Last updated:
26 October 2023