The quickest way to submit your request is by using the form below. However, if you'd prefer to print out and return this form by post, you can download the postal version.

Important: if you want to replace your existing option, please complete the EPA Application Form. This will automatically cancel any existing EPA options you have.

You can request to cancel your Effective Pension Age/Enhanced Effective Pension Age option at any time (subject to your employer’s acceptance). The cancellation will take effect from 1 April. However, you will continue to contribute to your EPA/EEPA option until the following 31 March.

If you choose to cancel your EPA/EEPA option you will:

  • keep the EPA/EEPA pension you have built up; and
  • only make contributions to the standard alpha pension from the following 1 April.

Please note: you’re unable to re-start your EEPA once you have cancelled it, but you may be able to start an EPA in the future.

The Scheme is committed to managing your data in line with Data Protection Legislation. For more information about how your data is managed, visit:

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Cancellation declaration

Cancellation declaration

I wish to cancel my current EPA option from the next 1 April, and not replace it with another of the available EPA options. I have read the notes below regarding cancellation of my EPA/EEPA options.



All EPA/EEPA options must be paid for a full scheme year.

An EPA/EEPA option cannot be cancelled until 1 April, following the start of your contributions.

An EPA/EEPA option can only be cancelled by completing and returning this form.

An EPA/EEPA option cannot be cancelled part way through a year.

10 May 2023
Last updated:
13 October 2023