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Provide details of your partner and your relationship to help us consider their eligibility for a partner’s pension in the event of your death.

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We confirm the following:

  • Our financial affairs are interdependent (or either one of us is financially dependent on the other).
  • We have a committed relationship with each other and we intend to continue this indefinitely.
  • We are mutually responsible for each other’s welfare.
  • We are not related in a way that will prevent either marriage or civil partnership.
  • Neither of us is married to or in a civil partnership with anyone else.
  • Neither of us is currently nominated as the partner of anyone else.
  • We will inform the scheme administrators if our relationship comes to an end.
  • We understand that benefits will not be paid unless the partner provides satisfactory evidence that the declaration above is valid when the scheme member dies.


19 April 2023
Last updated:
13 October 2023