Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme (CSAVCS)

If you're a member of classic, classic plus, premium, nuvos, or alpha, you can boost your retirement income by making additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to the Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme (CSAVCS).

Your AVCs will be invested in a fund with Legal & General (opens in a new window). The value of your CSAVCS pension will depend on how much money you invest in your fund and how well it performs.  

Benefits at retirement may be provided as either an income and/or lump sum payments.

Start an Additional Voluntary Contribution plan

If you have decided that making AVCs is right for you, it is easy to start a plan.

Pay for AVCs

Your employer can deduct your AVCs straight from your pay. You will need to apply to make AVCs at least one month before they are due.

Investment options

On 01 September 2018, Civil Service Pensions appointed Legal & General as the CSAVCS provider.

Legal & General will typically invest your AVCs in their Multi-Asset fund, however you can choose to invest your contributions in one their other available funds.

Legal & General’s full investment range (opens in a new window).   

Whichever fund you invest in, Legal & General will send you a yearly statement of the value of your fund and the contributions you have paid.

As the value of your fund can go down as well as up you should review your investment regularly.

Change Additional Voluntary Contribution amounts

You can increase, decrease or suspend your contributions at any time. To do so:

More information

If you think that making AVCs could be right for you, please read our frequently asked questions to find out more.

You may also wish to speak to an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) about your pension plans too. See the Financial Conduct Authority website (opens in a new window) for tips on finding an adviser.

The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) (opens in a new window) can also provide you with information and guidance, so you can make informed decisions about your pension and retirement planning.  

If you were contributing to the Civil Service Additional Voluntary Contribution Scheme before 01 June 2018

Before 01 June 2018, Civil Service Pensions members could choose to invest their AVCs with one of the following providers:

  • Equitable Life
  • Scottish Widows
  • Standard Life

From 01 September 2018, all AVCs made to the CSAVCS were redirected to Legal & General, with the exception of members who had a ‘with profit plan’ with Equitable Life.

If you began making AVCs to the CSAVCS before 01 June 2018, you’ll need to contact your AVC plan provider directly about your plan. If you hold a policy with Equitable Life, please contact the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP).