Updating your address details

Gay Couple Moving Home Boxes

Moving house and need to update your address? Let us know - before you go.

If you are moving house soon or have moved already, you can update your address on the Pension Portal. It’s very simple and really quick to change your details, and it means that you will still receive important information from us.

From the Pension Portal active members can also:

  • View their Annual Benefit Statement
  • See a summary of their pension benefits ‘at a glance’
  • Use the new and improved prepopulated retirement modeller
  • Use the new search facility to find information faster

Pensioner members can also:

  • View their payslip
  • View their P60

If you're an active or pensioner member and haven't received details on how to register for the portal, you can call us on 0300 790 0590 and we will provide you with them.

Alternatively, you can call our enquiry centre on 0300 123 6666 or email us on contactcentre@mycsp.co.uk or, If your email contains GSI/GSE/PNN please send it to contactcentre@mycsp.gse.gov.uk

Important information to include: 

If you email us, please provide your National Insurance number and/or membership number as well as attaching any supporting documents that may help us to answer your request.