Pensions 101 - what's so good about the Civil Service pension?

Ever had a question about pensions that you were afraid to ask? We've got you covered.

No question is too small as we kick off the series with Dominic Arthur, Director of Pensions and Government Recruitment, Cabinet Office and Duncan Watson, Chief Executive, MyCSP. They chat to our hosts Rob and Emily about the basics of pensions - what is a pension? Why is it important? What makes it better than saving your money in other ways? And why is this particular scheme so good?

Living your best life in retirement - how Linda's post-work years are among her best yet

Linda shares her story and retirement experiences. From unconscious bias to thermal underwear, this episode is guaranteed to leave you thinking about your financial future in a different way.

Linda is a former civil servant who worked for 45 years at HM Revenue & Customs before retiring in 2019. Her retirement story is unique and she gives us a lot of food for thought about planning for our own financial futures. From studying for a degree and volunteering at Southwark Cathedral, to navigating the unconscious bias in society as a post-menopausal woman, it's clear that Linda's retirement years are proving to be the best ones yet, and many of the things she's doing are made possible because of her Civil Service pension.

What to expect from this series

Throughout this first series of the Civil Service Pensions Podcast, Rob and Emily chat to expert guests and members of scheme about all-things-pensions.

While exploring the Gender Pension Gap in episode three, we hear about why half the UK's population are facing an unbalanced future in retirement, with a 37% gap in pension savings and retirement income between men and women.

In episode four, Rob and Emily chat to James, a Policy Advisor from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and Cathryn Murray, Training & Engagement Manager at MyCSP about why you should care about your pension in your 20s and 30s, plus why you should be thinking about your retirement now.

Episode five discusses what happens to your pension if you leave the Civil Service or opt out of the scheme. Jane Bates, Head of Life Events at MyCSP and Andy Jones, Engagement Manager for Civil Service and Royal Mail Pensions in the Cabinet Office, explain how it all works and why it is important that members stay in the scheme.

Our sixth and final episode of the series looks at moments that matter - key events in your life and career that could have an impact on your pension. Mick Mulligan, Head of Engagement for Civil Service and Royal Mail Pensions in the Cabinet Office and Emily Wilson, Training Consultant at MyCSP, talk us through getting a promotion, taking a career break, going on maternity, paternity, parental or carer's leave or even becoming ill - and how they can affect your pension.

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