In the final episode of this series, Rob and Emily chat to Mick Mulligan, Head of Engagement for Civil Service and Royal Mail Pensions in the Cabinet Office, and Emily Wilson, Senior Training Consultant at MyCSP.

Mick and Emily talk us through all the events in work and in life that can impact on your pension. They are all common life events that many of us go through at one stage or another - from starting a new job and joining the scheme, to getting a promotion, taking a career break, having children and beyond.

While not everyone will experience all of these events, it's important to understand what they might mean for your future. Your pension is usually one of your largest and most valuable assets at any one time, so it's important to factor it into any major decisions you're making.

Emily advises that members treat their pension as they would their will. If anything significant changes in your personal life (such as getting married, divorced or becoming a parent) make sure to let MyCSP know and if needed, update your Death Benefit Nomination.

We also discuss options to boost your pension to make up for lost time, or plan in advance for it.