In our third episode of this series, our hosts and guests discuss the fact that half the UK's population are facing an unbalanced future in retirement 

Rob and Emily chat to guests from the Cabinet Office, including Cilla Christmas, Valuation and Strategic Review Manager and Co-Chair of the Civil Service Carer's Network, and Sarj Wheelwright, Stakeholder and Engagement Manager for Civil Service and Royal Mail Pensions.

The Gender Pension Gap is the gap in pension savings and retirement income between men and women. Research currently suggests the gap is around 37%, and in some industries, women have pensions that are less than a fifth of what their male counterparts have.

During the episode, we explore the key facts, figures and research surrounding this issue, and discuss the socio-political and economic drivers, including how the Gender Pay Gap impacts on women's ability to save for the future.

Cilla and Sarj talk about their own experiences, from workplaces that used to automatically place women on temporary contracts when they got married; balancing childcare responsibilities with their careers; to dividing assets when going through the divorce process.

We also hear some practical tips and advice to share that may help mitigate the impact of the Gender Pension Gap.

Look out for our next episode on Thursday 6 October.