The first of these improvements is to change the registration process to make it simpler for members to create an account for the first time.

We’re also enhancing our security processes to make it quicker for you to confirm your identity and keep all your information secure.

What’s changing?

Soon you won’t need a registration code or personal identification number (PIN) to register for the portal. Instead, you’ll be asked for information you’re more likely to have to hand.

You will also be asked to enable two-factor authentication (a method used to confirm your identity) as part of the registration process.

I’m already registered – do I need to do anything?

You need to verify your email address, if you haven’t already. You can do this by logging into the Portal and follow the instructions on screen.

Two-factor authentication will become part of the login process when these changes go live. To save time, you can enable two-factor authentication now by following the steps below.

Follow these steps to enable two-factor authentication:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on ‘More’
  3. Click on ‘Your account’
  4. Under ‘Your account’ go to ‘Two Factor Authentication’ and click ‘Change’.
  5. Enter your password and click ‘Continue’
  6. Enable Two Factor Authentication

How do I register?

It's really easy - head to the registration page, or check out our guide to registering for the portal.

Register now

Guide to registering for the Pension Portal