Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the Cabinet Office Casework team are unable to send or receive any documents via post. New IDR2 appeals can still be raised, as these are sent to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP), where they are scanned and sent to the Cabinet Office Casework team electronically. The Casework team are also continuing to work on existing IDR2 appeals.
If there are any additional documents you want to send to the Cabinet Office Casework team, they can receive documents electronically. We would recommend you password protect them, and send the password in a separate email. If you have documents you would like to send, but would rather wait until the restrictions are lifted, please let the team know. The email address to use in both instances is the one included on your acknowledgement letter you received from the team. If the Casework team need to send any documents to you, they will contact you via email to agree how to proceed.
If there are any further changes, this page will be updated.
Thank you for your patience in these unusual times.