As part of the Civil Service digital agenda and our environmental pledge, we’ve taken the step this year of introducing a fully digital format for the Spring newsletter for active members of the scheme.

We’ve built a brand-new template into the Civil Service Pensions website to power the newsletter. The all-new digital format has allowed us to include new functionality within a Civil Service Pensions newsletter for the first time, like interactive articles, polls and video.

What’s in the Spring 2022 newsletter?

The format is different, but our focus on providing active members with useful and insightful content remains the same.

In this edition you’ll find:

  • A video introduction from the Director of Civil Service Pensions, Dominic Arthur
  • An interactive update on the planned improvements to customer experience the scheme is working on
  • An update on the 2015 Remedy
  • Signposts to the pension portal and member engagement survey
  • An article about the pension scheme and it’s benefits
  • An interactive poll
  • An update on the upcoming Live @ Lunch events
CSPS Digital Newsletter March 2022

How do I access the spring 2022 newsletter?

The newsletter is available for all active members on our public website, simply click the link below to go straight to the newsletter.

We’re also issuing an email notification to all members who are registered for the pension portal. If you’re not registered, you can learn how to register for the pension portal here.

How do I give feedback on the newsletter?

We’d love to get your views on the newsletter. The best way to share your views is by completing the survey within the newsletter itself. Simply visit the newsletter and scroll to the bottom to complete it.