Benefits for your family and loved ones

The Civil Service pension arrangements may provide benefits after your death to the people you care about.

In the event of your death, the following benefits may be payable to your dependants or your estate.

  • A death benefit lump sum
  • A Widow’s or Widower’s Pension Scheme (WPS) refund
  • A widow’s or widower’s pension
  • A child’s pension
  • A civil partner’s pension
  • A partner’s pension
  • Payment of any pension that was due to be paid when the member died (also called residual pension)

The amount that your dependants may receive from your pension depends on which scheme you belong to.

To find out more about the death benefits that may be payable in the event of your death, please visit our Member Publications page to view or download your scheme’s guide and read the section entitled Death/Dependants benefits.

Death benefit nomination

To confirm who you want to be considered to receive death benefits in the event of your death, you can add or amend your death benefit nomination in the Pension Portal or by completing a death benefit nomination form. You can download the form from the Member Forms page.

You can nominate a family member, a friend, a charity, a business, or any other organisation to receive a death benefit lump sum.

You can check your existing Death Benefit Nominee(s) on the Pension Portal and your Annual Benefit Statement (ABS).Claiming death benefits

Claim death benefits

If you need information on how to claim death benefits, please visit the How to apply for death benefits page.