2015 Remedy (McCloud) Newsletters

2015 Remedy Newsletter: Issue 5 September 2022

In this issue we share information about the new Digital Assistant, Pension Awareness Week, Annual Benefit Statements and more.

2015 Remedy Newsletter: Issue 4 June 2022

In this issue we give a sneak preview of our plans for more Remedy self-help tools, take a look at key dates for the 2015 Remedy calendar, share a snapshot of what we're doing with your feedback, and more.

2015 Remedy Newsletter: Issue 3 March 2022

In this issue we take a closer look at the 'Am I affected?' tool that helps you understand if you're affected by the 2015 Remedy. We also share info for members moving into alpha from 1 April 2022, introduce the new-look Remedy web pages, and take a look at what we're doing with your feedback so far.

2015 Remedy Newsletter: Issue 2 January 2022

In this edition we focus on the consultation, discuss our next major milestones, provide a message for members who've retired due to ill health and announce our brand new 'Am I affected?' tool

2015 Remedy Newsletter: Issue 1 November 2021

The first in a series of newsletters about how Civil Service Pensions are addressing the 2015 Remedy. This update covers the basics and brings you up to speed on what we have in store over the coming months.

14 March 2023
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24 August 2023