26. What if I want to work beyond pension age?

If you draw your pension later than age 65, your pension will be increased to reflect the late payment. Your annual benefit statement will show the “late retirement addition” each year. However, you cannot build up any further pension in nuvos from your 75th birthday, even if you are still working.

27. Can I carry on working after I draw my pension?

You cannot draw your pension and carry on working for a Civil Service pensions employer unless you meet the conditions for partial retirement (see question 29) or you are over age 75.

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28. What happens if I’m re-employed in the Civil Service after drawing my pension?

If you have any Civil Service pension in payment, whether from nuvosclassicpremium or classic plus, and you are re-employed by a Civil Service pensions employer, your pension may be abated (reduced), unless you are over age 75.

In general, your pension will be abated if your annual rate of re-employed pensionable earnings and your pension together come to more than your pensionable earnings in the twelve months immediately before your pension came into payment, although this may differ slightly depending on which scheme your pension is being paid from.

If you are re-employed, and have a preserved Civil Service pension from an earlier period of service, if you receive that pension while still working it may also be abated in the same way.

If you are considering re-employment after drawing your pension you should contact the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) for further information about the impact on your pension.

Find out more about abatement.

29. What is partial retirement?

In some circumstances you may opt to draw all or part of your pension while remaining in service.

This is called “partial retirement”. You may only choose to do this if your annual rate of earning is reduced by at least 20%, for example because you have reduced your hours. Please note that there is no duty on your employer to provide a job that will enable you to take partial retirement. You should note, too, that your pension will be subject to abatement.

30. Can I take partial retirement before pension age?

If you meet the conditions referred to in question 28, you can take partial retirement at any time from your 55th birthday. However, if you take your pension before pension age it will be reduced because your pension will be paid for more years. It may also be subject to abatement.

You should note that once you have taken partial retirement, if you then have to retire on ill-health grounds before pension age (see question 63) your pension will not be enhanced. Similarly, if you were to die in service before pension age (see question 46), any pension payable to your family would not be enhanced.

46. What happens if I die in service?

63. What happens if I am too ill to work?

6 January 2022
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29 June 2022