68. Can I change my pension arrangements?

You have the opportunity to switch from nuvos to a partnership pension account, which is a defined contribution pension with an employer contribution. You can switch from nuvos to partnership, or from partnership to nuvos, at any point during the year, but you must give your employer at least two months’ notice in writing. You can only switch once in a 12 calendar month period. Further information and the switch form can be found on the partnership pages.

You can choose to opt out of nuvos at any time. You must complete the Opt-Out form which is available here: Members Forms

If you do not have access to the Internet then the form is also available from the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP). The forms must be returned to your employer.

If you opt out within one month of joining nuvos, or after one month but within three months and you do not already have a preserved pension, you will receive a refund of the contributions you have made which your employer will refund with your salary, less tax.

If you opt out of nuvos before pension age with more than three months' but less than two years' service (including any service you have transferred in) and do not already have a preserved pension, the Scheme Administrator will give you the choice of:

  • a refund of your contributions, less tax and your share of the cost of reinstating you in the State Second Pension (where appropriate) for any service prior to 6 April 2016; or
  • a transfer value to another pension scheme.

You may rejoin nuvos at any time, if you are still eligible to be a member (see questions 2 and 3) by writing to the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP). You will be re-entered into nuvos from the next pay period.

2. Who can join?

69. Can the scheme rules change in future?

There is no guarantee that any part of the rules will not change in the future. Before we make changes to the rules, we consult with the Civil Service unions. Under the Superannuation Act we must get the agreement of the unions for any changes to the rules that affect benefits that members have already earned. Any changes we make to the rules are laid before Parliament.

70. Who should I contact if I have a query about my pension?

Your first contact should always be the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) as they will hold your pensions records. If you do not know who they are, your employer will be able to provide you with their contact details, or visit Contact Us

71. Can the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) give me advice about my options?

No, the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) cannot give you advice. If you need advice you should contact an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). A number of membership organisations provide access to financial advice, or you can find an adviser in your area on: www.unbiased.co.uk

72. Who manages the pension scheme?

The Scheme Manager is Cabinet Office.

73. Are there any trustees?

Because the scheme is set up by statute, not trust law, there are no trustees.

74. What do you do with the information you hold about me?

The Civil Service Pension Scheme arrangements take your privacy seriously. Full details of the types of personal data the Scheme holds, how it is used and whom it is shared with are set out in a privacy notice.

This notice can be found here: Privacy Policy

The privacy notice also sets out your rights in connection with the personal data held about you; who to contact if you want to exercise those rights; have concerns about the way we handle your personal information; or, generally have any questions.

The information we hold is provided by your employer and it is important that you keep your employer up to date if anything changes; for example, if you move house or your relationship status changes.

Without this information being maintained, there could be delays in paying benefits to you or your dependants.

75. Can I lose my pension?

There are certain limited circumstances in which your pension could be withheld either completely or partly, such as if you were convicted of treason, of an offence under the Official Secrets Act 1911, or of an offence certified by a minister as likely to bring the Civil Service into disrepute. You could also lose pension if you owed the Civil Service money as a result of a criminal act. Family benefits may be withheld from any person convicted of the manslaughter or murder of the member.

7 January 2022
Last updated:
29 June 2022