This section outlines some important things you need to know about your pension.

It includes a brief overview of the main tax rules that apply to pensions and explains how you might be affected by them. The tax rules are set by HM Revenue & Customs, and more information can be found on their website.

You will also find some guidance on what you can do if you encounter a problem and want to complain, and details of where you can go for advice and information.

This guide uses as little jargon as possible but where it has to use specific technical terms, they have been explained in plain English.

This section provides a guide to some other pension information you could need. But it does not cover every aspect of alpha; full details will be set out in the regulations, which are the legal basis of the scheme.

Nothing in this guide can override the alpha regulations. We have made every effort to make this guide as accurate as possible, but in the event of any difference, the regulations will apply. This guide is based on the alpha regulations current at the time of publication and there is no guarantee that any part of the regulations will not change in the future.

You should not take anything in this section as financial advice. You might want to consider contacting an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) to discuss your retirement planning. You can find tips on finding an IFA by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority website:

This section explains:

07A. Your pension and tax - Important rules to consider from HM Revenue & Customs.

07B. Death benefits and the Lifetime Allowance - How the lump sums paid to your nominees are assessed.

07C. State Pension ages (SPA) - How the SPA affects when, and how, you can claim your alpha pension.

07D. What to do if you have a complaint about your pension - The process you need to follow when something goes wrong.

07E. Important contact information - Contact details, addresses and websites you may need, and places to go for more information.

Section 07 - Other important information

Your pension and tax

Section 07A

You can get tax relief on your pension contributions. Your employer takes your contributions from your pay before...

Death Benefits and the Lifetime Allowance (LTA)

Section 07B

In most cases, yes. As well as any pension the member may have already been paid, the lump sum payments made...

State Pension ages

Section 07C

This is the age from which you can claim your State Pension benefits.

What to do if you have a complaint about your pension

Section 07D

If you have any concerns you should raise them with the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP). Often, a phone call or an email will...

Important contact information

Section 07E

This section provides contact details for some organisations that you might need during your time as a...

14 December 2021
Last updated:
29 June 2022