Do I get tax relief on my pension contributions?

Yes. You can get tax relief on your pension contributions. Your employer takes your contributions from your pay before working out the tax, so you will automatically receive full income tax relief. This is subject to HM Revenue & Customs limits. HM Revenue & Customs can ask you to pay back any tax relief you get above the relevant limits.

Is my pension taxed when it is paid?

When your pension is paid, it will be taxed as income in the same way as a salary.

HM Revenue & Customs will give you a tax code that the scheme administrator will apply to your pension so that you are paying the correct level of tax.

Is my pension lump sum taxed when it is paid?

If you have chosen to take a lump sum in exchange for some of your pension, this payment is currently tax-free.

What is the Annual Allowance?

The Annual Allowance is set by HM Revenue & Customs and any changes to the Annual Allowance are made by HM Revenue & Customs. Annual Allowance is the maximum value of the growth in your pension savings each year that can benefit from tax relief.

If the growth in your pension savings over the tax year are more than the Annual Allowance, you might have to pay a tax charge based on the amount of the Annual Allowance.

You can request a pension savings statement from the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) to check your pension against the Annual Allowance.

Find out more about Annual Allowance

What is the Lifetime Allowance?

The Lump Sum Allowance (LSA) limits the amount of tax-free lump sum you can receive from your pensions at retirement. For further information on the LSA, please visit the scheme website.

14 December 2021
Last updated:
4 July 2024